Maison Baum

Maison Baum

We all have the same issues with high heels: They hurt our feet, they are not comfortable, they give us bad posture, it is difficult walking in them, they are not stable... As the first sustainable high heel brand with medical expertise, we are proud to be different. After more than 4 years of research, we can finally introduce our revolutionary, elegant and comfortable high-heeled shoes.

Medical expertise

More than 4 years of research by Doctor Baum and his son Christof

Timeless French style

The perfect high heel in 2 heights, which feminises your look and boosts your confidence

Tested and patented comfort

9 out of 10 women we asked felt more comfortable in our heels

Made in Portugal

Our local suppliers can guarantee the best quality

A responsible approach

Contribute to the changing of fast fashion by wearing timeless shoes

Free shipping

 to Germany and France. Contact us for quotes on the rest of the world

Our secret

With ordinary high heels, the pressure is concentrated on the front foot. The Maison Baum insole reverses this effect, moving the weight to the back. By supporting the arch the foot no longer slides forward, additionally improving posture and reducing 50% of the pressure applied to the front of the foot. Using such anatomical 3D technology as an integral part of an elegant shoe has never been done before.

Experience the Maison Baum style

3 different styles: Accessorize Ambrosia and Aphrodite with two sets of straps 

The Perfect High Heel

Aphrodite asserts your style with its perfect 7 cm heel. Ambrosia transcends elegance with its 10 cm heel. No more need to compromise between style and comfort with the discreet comfort insole in our models.

Zero Compromise between the Beauty and the Good

Our mission is to help change the rules governing the fashion industry with timeless, high quality designs. Our packaging is 99% eco-responsible.

40% of manufactured items are never worn or used. We favour a pre-order system to better regulate our stocks. Each purchase of a pair of Maison Baum high heels becomes a strong statement for the fashion industry.

Elegance meets Innovation

Christof Baum, a young German entrepreneur was tired of seeing women suffer in their high heels. With the help of his father, an orthopedic doctor, he designed a revolutionary comfort insole dedicated to high heels.

Sophie Tréhoret, former Marketing executive for Repetto was seeking a smart product concept to promote and fell in love with the project. She joined the team in early 2018. Paris and Berlin were brought closer together as Baum became Maison Baum.

A responsible approach

We are committed to an approach favouring proximity and transparency. Our products are manufactured in Portugal and every component is sourced in Europe.

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