The Maison Baum Day-to-Night Technology

A new approach to high heels


Sketch of the comfortable high heel footbed design


Being crazy about orthopaedic innovation and the beautiful things in life, the Baum family researched a new approach to make high heels more comfortable.

After years of research, Maison Baum has come up with a new type of high heel construction. As a family product, each shoe benefits from medical guarantee and is made of only the highest quality. From father to son.


What our experts say


Dr. med. Peter Baum

Dr. med. Sven Ostermeier 

• Founder of the Gelenk Klinik Hospital with over 125 employees
• Treated more than 70.000 patients in the past 30 years
• Leading expert on arthroscopic surgery & cartillage transplantation
• Professor at the University of Hanover since 2013
• Winner of the Laskin Distinguished Research Award
• Major contributor to medical research on biomechanical studies

"We knew from the beginning that in order to make high heels more comfortable, we needed to distribute a woman´s weight more equally among the foot while cushioning the impact of her steps. At the same time, we wanted to find an anatomic shape that works for most women without needing to be individually adapted to their personal foot conditions. I am really happy that, in the end, we managed to find a solution that is easy to implement and clinically sound.“

"Maison Baum’s footbed adapts the concept of the classic orthopaedic insole to the special conditions in heeled shoes: Correct the malposition in some places while cushion the foot in others. It is highly conceivable that even though the insole does not completely offset the unhealthy effects of heeled shoes, it prevents existing foot issues from exacerbating. Hence, next to an improvement in stability, the footbed leads to a reduction in forefoot pain and increases the overall wellbeing.”