Story Old

During years of research, Dr. Peter Baum, a well-known orthopaedic specialist in Germany, developed footbed prototypes for his patients who adored high heels but were unable to wear them.  Christof asked a friend of his to try them, and for her, it was a revelation! The footbed totally changed her high heel experience … and even forgot to return them!!  

For Christof, this was a shock! He finalised the research with his father, validated the results with other positive tests and was even so confident that he quit his job at the bank! Two years later, he patented the revolutionary anatomic footbed and launched Maison Baum.

Inspired by the lifestyle of Berlin and his childhood in France plus encouraged by women he met along the way, Christof, wanted to go further. He imagined offering freedom and elegance to his friends with a 24/7 approach to high-heeled shoes.

They stand up to urban day-to-night challenges thanks to their long-wearing qualities and transformative style!





Using an orthopaedic approach launches each new development. Every product made by Maison Baum and its partners benefits from the highest quality research, sourcing and components.
Style & Ease:
Maison Baum doesn’t compromise between design and comfort. We challenge top experts to create heels that truly stand out: Parisian elegance and Berlin modernity are a must!
Maison Baum vows to develop  a close relationship with their fans and invests a large part of its budget in research to understand their needs.